How much money to open an ice cream shop

delicious ice cream is not only delicious, but also bring a lot of profit, is a lot of people want to engage in small business choices, how much money to open an ice cream shop? On this issue, there is no standard answer, if you open a shop, then the funds needed to get some more, if you open a shop stalls, then the funds needed to be less. Different areas of the shop, shop area is different, different brands of investment, will affect the cost of investment in ice cream shop.

open ice cream store, equipment investment of about 18 thousand yuan, store area of 5-10 square meters, power supply 220 volts, employees 1-2 people, more than $1000 of liquidity. In addition to operating ice cream, but also the sale of fast food, beverages, barbecue, etc., such as proper operation, half an investment can be recovered.

If the flow is

sales, stations, docks, theaters, bars, schools et al. Larger flow place can be set up, selling is done now, in addition to the sales of ice cream products, but also sales of other beverage products.

ice cream shop monthly balance sheet:

rent 2000 yuan

utilities 300 yuan

industrial and commercial tax fee 600 yuan

employees wages 1000 yuan / two

gross profit 40007000 yuan

how much does it cost to open an ice cream shop? Ice cream consumption season has arrived, the prospects for the sale of ice cream is expected to allow businesses to be tempted to open an ice cream store is very easy to think of investment. An ice cream store, the day’s turnover is generally more than 3000 yuan, of course, the profit is also quite impressive, as part of the entrepreneurs to become rich shortcut".

if you have the intention of doing business, I think the ice cream business is very good, you can carefully look at today’s small article, please understand the inadequacies, how much money to open an ice cream shop? Tens of thousands of dollars can be, shop costs are not high, the profit is still quite a lot, is a good entrepreneurial projects. If you do not know how to open a shop, you can choose to join the ice cream, there are headquarters of professional guidance, and now you can choose to join a lot of ice cream, a lot more understanding.

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