He opened a successful entrepreneurial shop

with the popularity of online shopping in people’s lives, basically can buy things online, even small series of the more than and 50 year old parents will buy things online shopping online, visible online shopping popularity, it is so open shop is also increasing, the competition pressure is great, today we speak is a large coffee shop is how to open the shop out of the fame.

Zhejiang people do the network, there is a very popular words: do not make money site is shameful. In an office building in luomashi, born in 1981, Ma Yuegang’s has nearly 20 young employees, his website also let peer attention.

Ma Yuegang has been done for 5 years on the site of " old ". He is a master of engineering and economic management at Hangzhou Institute of Commerce. 2001, Ma Yuegang graduated from the school recommended to a large construction group in Hangzhou, was sent to the Chongqing branch of the project budget. But Ma Yuegang’s interest in the internet. He resigned from the golden rice bowl and returned to Hangzhou to enter a well-known vertical website in china.

no technical background, he started from the market, and soon became the youngest middle-level cadres. The site to build branches in the southwest, in 2003, Ma Yuegang went to Chengdu to take responsibility to build, rent a house to do 1 years of market investigation, 2004 officially opened up a team, attract the chemical industry release supply-demand information, such as snowball, Chengdu Branch 1 annual income of tens of millions of dollars.

Ma Yuegang while doing, pay attention to other business opportunities. " Chengdu training industry space is large, there are more than 3 thousand agencies, the light management consulting market has 15 billion yuan, while the language, computers and other skills training for the individual market has a scale of 10 billion yuan. " the idea of making, Ma Yuegang resigned again to 7 people team, $100 thousand funding to create a training network in Chengdu. " resignation is a big loss for me, because the original effect of the site will soon be listed, the option plus income, 1 years to lose millions of dollars. But I pay more attention to the future of their own business. "

Ma Yuegang does not care about the source of profit: training institutions to become members of the site to pay service fee, pay 1800 yuan a year, more than and 60 members now is about 100000 / year of income; in addition the website advertising to draw training institutions to do short-term enrollment, this one year is about 100000 yuan. Next, the site also rely on training institutions to give the lowest price of the members of the online recruitment agents, and then get the Commission return 15-20%. " comprehensive calculation, Chengdu in the future will have 6 million to 10 million years of income, we will develop the Sichuan city level two. " after 80 entrepreneurial base – to create a successful way for Chinese entrepreneurs

Ma Yuejian

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