Real estate tax law formally included in the law expressly

in recent years, the development of Chinese the entire real estate industry scale and speed is unprecedented unpopular, with housing prices in the real estate industry has been high, the country is now to start from the aspects of regulation, so the official real estate tax into the line of sight.

"this is the answer to a market on the" real estate tax should sign "issue, that the real estate tax legislation is steadily according to plan. The five year legislative plan, which means that these tax laws will be passed by the end of 2017." China University of Political Science and Law Institute of Finance and financial law professor Shi Zhengwen told reporters.

is the current real estate tax bill by the National People’s Congress Working Committee led the drafting of the pre, the Ministry of Finance with legislation. Experts said that the real estate tax affected by the whole body, led by the National People’s Congress of the real estate tax legislation to help draft legislation more objective authority, more representative of the majority of public opinion.

controversy in the current round of the real estate tax reform, Tax Director of Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Chinese financial strategy Zhang Bin believes that in the process of legislation and reform process, the need to handle the real estate tax, the short-term impact on the property market and the development of local economy and the real estate tax and land value-added tax and other taxes the relationship between. In addition, the timing of the introduction of the future, how to levy, to recommend

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