What are the hot dishes in the restaurant

today I’ll share with you, as a popular business restaurant, one of the core of the dishes are the doorway? Is one of the core dishes in a restaurant, those who talk about the feelings of the dishes catering enterprises are bullshit. Today, I said that the dishes are what? Is it good to eat it? Not entirely, not only is not good to eat, in general, the following aspects of the dishes on the road:

taste: taste in the first row, there is no doubt that the food is delicious, you can train back, what is good? How to define? This problem many chefs and restaurant owners are not clear, some guests say delicious, some guests say delicious, foggy, poorly defined, actually any dish a food, can not satisfy the tastes of 100% people, for example: like Stinky tofu, coriander, such as folding suggestible people flock to sniff at someone. In general, there are more than 80% of the dishes in a restaurant, people say that the food has been successful. The problem again, how to make more than 80% of the people said to eat? I think this problem is just four words, the restaurant you do this four words, you don’t succeed, there must be other aspects of the problem, do the four words, you don’t have to doubt the taste of dishes, the four words? Remember, "the real thing", this simple four words, not good to do, to do the real thing, the restaurant operator first to know, second to have a conscience, what is


is a simple point, you know what kind of materials are authentic, for example, used the Pixian bean Sichuan and Hot pot, on the market under the brand of Pixian bean bean sauce with hundreds of manufacturers, Pixian local manufacturers, Sichuan manufacturers, and even the manufacturers of other provinces are daring watercress watercress Pixian sauce, you do not understand, it is possible to buy the wrong, bought the wrong, do the dishes will not authentic, taste is not good.

what is the conscience? Conscience is not false, not to buy a fake, you said you are the bone soup, bone soup that is true, but not to buy on the market of bone soup, soup like what treasure. Now many of the catering enterprises is lost here, in order to save costs, what products are dare to use, with the worst chicken oil, the cheapest, buy the worst quality with fake beef and mutton, vegetables, the fresh produce cheap frozen goods, with these things, then regressed also cook. Do not eat.

is a restaurant all real materials, make the dish, do not eat the delicious is more difficult. Many restaurant operators may be good but those business hawker stalls, brought into the ditch with fake and shoddy products, they used fake things, bad things can make money, why should I use the things you, you have this idea, I can only say that you lose money is doomed, you make money God is blind, but retribution will be waiting for you.

price: how to price dishes, I do not say here, net >

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