Sun Zhipeng spicy hot how to join the conditions which

hot and spicy to join the project in a relatively good well-known brands, small series to recommend to you Sun Zhipeng spicy hot. Sun Zhipeng spicy hot must be known to all franchisees, so a good brand, you meet some of the prerequisites, what are the internal conditions you have to meet it? How to join it?

join conditions:

1, a pair of industrious hands, hard-working quality. Healthy body, non empty thought of the day care person, yearn day and night. And people do not haggle Friendliness is conducive to business success., generous feelings. Responsible for family members. Necessary start-up funding and strong support from the family.

2, uniform signs, unified management, uniform clothing.

3, consciously safeguard the image of Sun Zhipeng pepper, shall not harm the interests of consumers.

4, to provide real and effective documents, establish headquarters to join archives.

Sun Zhipeng spicy how to join

join process:

1, consulting:

franchisee can join the hotline through the national free hotline home page has joined the store to introduce referrals and other ways to join the consultation, while doing a preliminary assessment of two-way.

2, location:

joined the business consultation, according to the company’s proposed, store choice.

3, field trips:

joined the business according to the company, initially determine the location of target, the company sent professional supervision to inspect the assessment, detailed analysis of the geographical location, market competition, rigid demand, consumption standards, to reduce the investment risk.

4, contract:

franchisee in accordance with the standard to join the franchise fee and the risk of mortgage payments, signed a contract (need to hold my ID card)

5, opening planning:

exclusive supervision of its responsible store, after the signing of the opening plan, including goods ordering, license management, store decoration, marketing planning, etc..

6, store decoration:

franchisee in accordance with company

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