Contract to be careful when signing the contract trap

for the first time entrepreneurs, the most need to carefully grasp the most difficult to avoid is the contract trap. Due to lack of experience, it is difficult for entrepreneurs to find loopholes in the contract. Before signing the contract to join the franchise, it should be in-depth understanding of the content of the contract to ensure their own interests. Do not think that the franchise contract is the headquarters of the model can not be modified. In fact, the contract should be made after the mutual agreement. In other words, the franchisee should not only keep their eyes open to see the content, more rights to modify the content. The following points for attention, as a reference for the signing of the franchisee.

first, should be required to produce the headquarter service mark registration

, because the premium is the persistent charges, some franchisors will at the time of signing a contract requires franchisees opened within the period of full royalty checks, such as a contract for a period of five years, the right to take gold payment, some franchisees will require the headquarters of five years of royalty, a open cheque payment headquarters five.

later had occurred in this case, a system of franchise shop for two years, because the business is poor and put up the shutters but at the time of signing, early, has opened five Qi royalty cheque to the headquarters. Arguably, the next three years since the trademark, goodwill has been closed shop no longer use the headquarters, and do not need to pay royalties, but the check is still rolling headquarters will have been charged in the bank, and the franchisee, not only lost two years of business, also had to pay these check amount.

so, if a franchisee headquarters opened together during the life of the contract, all royalties are recommended

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