From 0 to $1 billion 100 million after the classic story of entrepreneurship

80 now has gradually become a mainstay of the whole society, at the same time, because the 80 are in the transition period of the whole society, so there are a lot of people to choose a life to start, the next step is to introduce a successful 80 entrepreneurs.

in the circle of friends crazy turn of the world’s ten largest $1 billion 80 rich list, there is a young man named Wang Qicheng from Hangzhou. Maybe a lot of people don’t know him well, but in the entrepreneurial world, he’s definitely a star.

2 earned the first 1 million he was "charming" entrepreneurial

2001, Wang Qicheng, who was also a sophomore at Zhejiang University, was the Minister of the outreach Practice Department of the student union. An accidental opportunity, he met a fellow who sells optical fiber transceiver terminal equipment. In the chat, he learned that this kind of product market wide, high profit, and Wang Qicheng decided the villagers joint venture, established the first company "in his life of China network".

Although there are many fellow

hooked on business Wang Qicheng, has been looking for entrepreneurial field after graduation. Senior, he recommended to Zhejiang University

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