80 after the guy home to sell sausage harvest more

every dawn is the darkest moment, before every success is the most difficult time, today we bring the boys back home sold a 80 and sausage story build up the family fortunes in the whole process, he paid a lot, touched a lot of people.

how to fail, afraid of fear of inner weakness

2011 this year, 23 year old Zhu Deming, immature he embarked on a journey to South Africa, opened the future battles and longing for a better life, started their own hard work, with their own courage and fighting spirit, make his own future.

he was born in an ordinary family in Zhangjiajie, primary school and junior high school is short, to the city is the same, and reading each ranked, self evaluation for low IQ, hard to read this kind of book people, junior high school and senior high school are the class made the teacher do not trust children, but not reading he was quite obedient, love to read books and a lot of things very interested in the heart to change the fate of seeds.

also opened a small joke at the age of 23 to go to South Africa this year, God, his father was very ill, spent all the family savings also borrow money, sadly after treatment also failed to save the life of the father, which made him have been hit, determined to do a dark don’t let others look down on people, perhaps God closed a door for him to open a window, gave him a chance to go to South africa.

Zhu said today, too many things at the age of 23, when immature and naive, can not ignore the adoptive parents are not to be painful, also can not understand the affection of the precious spiritual world, rather naive, but God also gave me a solid foundation for the future of the opportunity to go to South Africa work, harvest their own pot of gold, very grateful to God for giving me the opportunity and HUAWEI leadership.

2 years in South Africa to work for HUAWEI’s time is the hardships and happiness, in addition to reap the rewards, let me cherish is his thoughts mature, gratitude, understanding, and experience of things, the feeling of life, of their own character of sharpening, in order not to let oneself live an ordinary life hard work.

25 year old Zhu embarked on a home business, when I ask why you want to do this when he said, we are in a full of opportunities in various fields are gradually refined, as in overseas Chinese new year time long home sausage, food security and trust issues with the current domestic China appeared. Although we live better and better now, but the problem is more civilized, the craftsmanship and hometown of sausage though there are people who understand but do not have a focus on the skill of the company, so he founded the Zhangjiajie yuanfong food limited company, trademark name: pig, focus on sausage production. The inheritance of craftsmanship, the future through recommendation

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