Otto Energy Completes Galoc Drilling (Philippines)

first_imgOtto Energy Limited, as operator of the producing Galoc oilfield joint venture offshore the Philippines, provides the following update on the Galoc-5H and Galoc-6H drilling campaign in SC14C, part of the Galoc Phase II development approved in 2012.During the period from 0600 hours (AWST) on 14 August 2013 to 0600 hours (AWST) on 21 August 2013, drilled the G-6H 8½”  hole section to 3,958 metres through the Galoc reservoir  interval. The well intersected a 260m section of very high quality reservoir which was at the high end of prognosed outcomes.The well subsequently drilled through poorer sections of formation and the decision was made to TD the well early to ensure successful completion across the high quality reservoir. The 5½” completion liner has now been run over the high quality reservoir section.The well is currently being suspended prior to running the upper completion and well clean-up flow.The forward plan is to move the rig to the G-5H well and drill the 8½” hole horizontally for approximately 2,400 metres through the reservoir interval prior to running the completion liner and assembly.Location and Proposed DepthThe Galoc field is located in Service Contract SC14C (Galoc Sub Block) in 290 metres of water approximately 65km North West of Palawan Island and 350km south of Manila in the Republic of the Philippines. The Galoc-5H and Galoc-6H development wells are being drilled within the existing producing field that has delivered over 10 MMbbls of production since the field was commissioned in 2008.After drilling of both Galoc-5H and Galoc-6H is completed, the DOF operated Skandia Hercules construction vessel will be used to install the subsea equipment and complete the hook-up of both wells to the FPSO Rubicon Intrepid.First oil from the Phase II wells is expected in November 2013[mappress]Press Release, August 21, 2013last_img read more

Topline Express Logistics joins Project Cargo Network

first_imgTopline was established in 1994, is based in Shanghai and offers the full spectrum of freight forwarding services within China including inland services into Mongolia. As well as Topline, PCN now has three other members in China: CGL / Columbia Pro-Rail Transport Services;Direct Logistics China and Global Star Logistics (China) Pictured below is a project involving the movement of a 126 tonne press recently undertaken by Topline which claims a particular niche in the project cargo market.last_img read more

Alleged perpetrator of Liberia church massacre sued in U.S. court

first_imgFour survivors of a church massacre that killed 600 people during the Liberian civil war on Monday filed a civil lawsuit in U.S. court against the man they accuse of having ordered the attack.The lawsuit, brought in federal court in Philadelphia, accuses Moses Thomas of directing the mass killing on July 29, 1990, while a colonel in the Armed Forces of Liberia. Thomas came to the United States under an immigration program intended to help victims of the conflict and now lives in a Philadelphia suburb, according to the lawsuit.Attempts to reach Thomas were unsuccessful late on Monday, but he told the BBC that the allegations were “nonsense,” according to a report on the broadcaster’s website.The church killing was among the most brutal atrocities committed against civilians during 14 years of near-constant conflict, which saw child soldiers enlisted in the war before it ended in 2003.Hundreds of families took refuge at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, a Red Cross humanitarian shelter, in the country’s capital of Monrovia, seeking protection from the violence ravaging the city.Thomas headed up the army’s elite anti-terrorism unit, according to the lawsuit, and ordered approximately 45 soldiers to enter the church and open fire indiscriminately. Soldiers then used machetes to hack others to death, while some victims survived by hiding under the bodies of others.The lawsuit can only recover monetary damages from Thomas if successful. It could potentially lead to other actions against him, but lawyers for the victims noted that Liberia has never established a tribunal to investigate wartime human rights violations.The case was filed under U.S. laws that allow foreign victims of war crimes abroad to sue the perpetrators in U.S. courts.“Cases like these should be tried in the countries where the crimes were committed,” Nushin Sarkarati, an attorney with the Center for Justice and Accountability, which represents the four anonymous plaintiffs, said in a statement. “Because that is not yet possible in Liberia, the victims have to push to try perpetrators in the courts of the countries where they have chosen to hide.”Activists hailed the case as a first step toward holding those responsible for the church massacre accountable.“I think victims and survivors of the St. Peter Lutheran Church massacre will be at peace this evening,” said Peterson Sonyah, executive director of the Liberia Massacre Survivors Association.last_img read more

Oh, the things you’ll see if you live into your bonus years

first_imgWe are living longer and longer. But it wasn’t always so good. Take my stepfather, a man born in 1902 with a life expectancy of a mere 47.9 years. Only he lived to be 73 and might have gone longer had it not been for a 60-year diet of unfiltered Camels. And just this week I read an obituary for a South Bay resident, a woman, who was born in that same year. A year in which girls, according to the National Center for Health statistics, were expected to live 50.7 years. But that doesn’t include the longevity bonus points! If a male born in 1902 survived to age 65 he could expect another 11.5 years of life. Women could get another 12.2. My stepdad fell short by 3.5 years while the woman I mentioned outlived every statistician born before 1925. Here’s more good news. If I make it to age 65 without wearing my trousers up around my armpits, I could expect to make 77.7 years, which is about the same as the clumsy 2-year-old who ran into me on the beach the other day. If that little thing makes it to 65, I’ll be surprised. If she does, she gets 20 extra years. Which, oddly, brings me to our epoch. You probably didn’t know this, but we live in something called the Holocene epoch. Don’t act like this is news because we’ve been knee-deep in this period for the past 11,550 years. Holocene, by the way, is Greek for “entirely recent.” Recent in this case being since the retreat of the Pleistocene glaciers and the advent of human “civilization.” Still, it was kind of nice to discover that we have an epoch all our own. Only isn’t it odd how nobody thought to tell us? In fact, I only heard the word a few weeks ago in connection with what scientists are calling the great Holocene Extinction. It’s a good news/bad news thing. Some of us get to live a few months longer while simultaneously witnessing the sixth of our planet’s great mass extinctions. Wikipedia has all this. In fact, an awful lot of scientists are writing about it as the rest of us continue to debate the value of more efficient light bulbs. It seems that some 50 species are dying off each day. These are mostly little things like insects, plants and stuff that isn’t even named yet. Which is like finding out that the neighbor you were meaning to meet just dropped dead. Big stuff is dying, too, things like entire coral reefs and polar bears. No increase in longevity for the big white beasts because soon there will be no ice for them to stand on, which means they’d better grow some fins if they expect to join our elongating lives. In my twisted mind there is a connection between this uptick in human longevity and a down-tick in most everything else due to our own stupidity. Somehow it reminds me of something my stepfather used to say: “If life is so great, why is everybody dying to leave it?” OK, that’s grim and stupid. But there are other words still lingering in my head. Once, long ago, I interviewed a little boy who was dying of brain cancer, a little boy who was more in touch with our shared mortality than most of us. “People walk around acting like they are going to live to be 100, when they could die tomorrow,” said the 9-year-old who left this world a month later. But not you and not me. Besides, our planet has a billion years to run while I have 20 more years. It’s guaranteed. I want to hear your comments. Connect with me at, call 310-543-6681 or send a letter to Daily Breeze/John Bogert, 5215 Torrance Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503-4077. Hear my podcast at local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! When I arrived, boomer baby boys were expected to live 65.5 years while boomer girls could hit 71. However, if we actually get past the car wrecks and indiscretions and make magic 65, we might get 12.7- and 15-year bumps, respectively. But only if we work out and worry constantly about looking like we’re 21. Beyond that, beyond doctors telling us not to smoke, life is almost completely beyond control. Which is why we develop statistical illusions, mathematical conceits that appear to prove the one thing (other than the existence of a supreme being and why the Dodgers so rarely win pennants) that is beyond our comprehension. Namely, how long will we live? You know, will I get four score years and 10? If so, will I still be alive at age 77 and enjoying a cat food diet? Sorry to be so grim, but you know that $270 billion we need to fix the Social Security system? Well, we don’t have it. That’s because Congress will almost certainly allocate $200 billion of that same nonexistent money on war for the coming fiscal year. C’mon, it’s either cat food dinners or democracy? Still, things are getting better. Last week the Centers for Disease Control announced that life expectancy for Americans has reached an all-time high, with males born in 2005 facing 77.6 years of uninterrupted fun while females might average 80.5. last_img read more