Otto Energy Completes Galoc Drilling (Philippines)

first_imgOtto Energy Limited, as operator of the producing Galoc oilfield joint venture offshore the Philippines, provides the following update on the Galoc-5H and Galoc-6H drilling campaign in SC14C, part of the Galoc Phase II development approved in 2012.During the period from 0600 hours (AWST) on 14 August 2013 to 0600 hours (AWST) on 21 August 2013, drilled the G-6H 8½”  hole section to 3,958 metres through the Galoc reservoir  interval. The well intersected a 260m section of very high quality reservoir which was at the high end of prognosed outcomes.The well subsequently drilled through poorer sections of formation and the decision was made to TD the well early to ensure successful completion across the high quality reservoir. The 5½” completion liner has now been run over the high quality reservoir section.The well is currently being suspended prior to running the upper completion and well clean-up flow.The forward plan is to move the rig to the G-5H well and drill the 8½” hole horizontally for approximately 2,400 metres through the reservoir interval prior to running the completion liner and assembly.Location and Proposed DepthThe Galoc field is located in Service Contract SC14C (Galoc Sub Block) in 290 metres of water approximately 65km North West of Palawan Island and 350km south of Manila in the Republic of the Philippines. The Galoc-5H and Galoc-6H development wells are being drilled within the existing producing field that has delivered over 10 MMbbls of production since the field was commissioned in 2008.After drilling of both Galoc-5H and Galoc-6H is completed, the DOF operated Skandia Hercules construction vessel will be used to install the subsea equipment and complete the hook-up of both wells to the FPSO Rubicon Intrepid.First oil from the Phase II wells is expected in November 2013[mappress]Press Release, August 21, 2013last_img read more

‘Collaborate, Innovate, Digitise’ – Industry Leaders Offer Perspectives on the Digitalisation…

first_imgSea News, May 8 Prior to the event, said, “The whole industry being here, I would like to see how each company or individual participants are excited about technology such as AI or IoT and how companies are gearing up to accept these.” Post the event, his comments were, “There are a lot of possibilities. We don’t know what the future is but it will be very interesting.” He reiterated the willingness of the industry to embrace technology by stating, “if there are vendors that could provide solutions and offer technologies and ideas that could be implemented in our business and on our vessels, that would be really great. As professionals in the shipping industry, we attend a lot of good events but this one, that highlighted key technology aspects such as AI & IoT, don’t happen very often in the industry. I would definitely like to be a part of such events.” These were the highlights:opened the event by underlining why a collaboration of this sort is imperative in the present scenario. He briefly touched upon how vast amounts of data can be handled to the benefit of stakeholders in the industry.An insightful understanding of Blockchain through real world applications such as the JV between IBM & Maersk was then delivered by .What followed was  presenting an impressive session on the ‘Modernisation of Class’. It highlighted the bold steps this leading classification society has made with respect to the digitalisation of the industry. spoke about the strength the organisation has seen through collaborations in the past – paving the path for better connectivity and benefitting not just companies but also seafarers during their time away from home.A key issue, ‘cyber risk management’ was covered in great detail by the . He threw light on the importance of identifying risks and susceptibility in order to mitigate the threat of hacking – something that is a real threat right now.The last session was delivered by  on the growing popularity and application of the Internet of Things across all industries. Through graphs and statistical analyses he projected the benefits of embracing this technology to save on costs and productivity.The biggest highlight of the day came through the panel discussion conducted by the distinguished  Having been one of the enablers that took his company towards acceptance of e-certificates, he has had a first hand experience of the myriad benefits embracing digitalisation could bring. The diverse panel consisting of allowed for an understanding of each industry’s stance where the switch to digitalisation is concerned. It afforded insights into the readiness of ship owners and managers to climb aboard the digitalisation band wagon and where the uncertainties and hesitations lie.  The event highlighted the current and ongoing digital developments in the maritime sector and broadened the perspective of the delegates by introducing them to case studies wherein AI, Blockchain, IoT and Big Data Analytics have been applied and increased productivity. It widened the attendees reach and got them thinking about the possibility of out-of-the-box collaborations for the benefit of all parties concerned. When Saurish Nandi conceptualised the Dataccio Connect event, he did not anticipate the immense need and path-breaking ripples such a platform would create. After the event,  commented, “what I realised is we need to have a common platform. You cannot work in isolation and we need to collaborate with various industry partners. This is something I never considered till today, and is my biggest takeaway from this event. As far as IT is concerned, shipping is in a backward state and for us to learn more, we need to come in touch with people that are doing something in this regard.” At the recently held event in Mumbai, the response from the industry was tremendous. While each session involved an expert from a specific domain offering insights into the digitalisation of the maritime industry, a key takeaway was the collaboration and discussion these sessions provided to delegates. Every sector of the maritime community was able to measure their progress along the digital journey by a parameter/yardstick – providing an opportunity for analysis on what they have achieved and what more they need to do. It also showcased how digital processes that were never thought of before could be applied to effectively increase productivity and generate revenue. These industry leaders were able to position themselves adequately on a digital map and therefore, chart a course for the direction their organisations need to take in order to fully embrace the paradigm shift the maritime industry is taking. center_img Expectations & Takeaways by industry experts: The general consensus was that the discussions were an eye opener for the whole maritime ecosystem – from ship owners/operators and managers to seafarers and vendors. The take home was the breaking of barriers and the future possibilities this digital journey will hold.  spoke about his expectations from the event, “I would very much like to learn from the speakers and the audience about the temperature that we as an industry have when it comes to digitalisation, and digitisation also – the transition that we have made from analog to digital. I also would like to get a feel for the appetite for change in the maritime industry.” His sentiments post the event were, “One fascinating takeaway for me was that, we as an industry, are willing to cooperate – there were great vibes in the room, great vibes in the panel discussion and we had great engagement from the audience.” He went on to state, “we should be open to interaction with a broader shipping community, and also with companies from outside of shipping to get inspiration. I think the broader the participation, the better it is going to be for us in shipping – the more inspired we will be, because it is clear today that digitalisation holds many secrets.”  On the expectations of a Dataccio Connect event, stated, “the spread of knowledge and the awareness is right now lacking in the industry. We need to bring awareness so that those who are on the fence, will go ahead and invest in technology projects.” Post the event, he stated, “Today there was definitely awareness created because this was not a topic that was discussed in many of the conferences held here before. This is in a way a pioneering effort to share the experiences and the information that we have gathered towards this journey of digitalisation to wider audiences, to a diverse industry. We had participants not just from shipping, but from IT, from service providers – all of whom have a stake in this data collection and analysis.” He continued, “This is the first step towards creating that realisation and awareness that we cannot be complacent.” Author: Priyanka Ann Sainilast_img read more

Study Evaluates Alaska’s Rankings Among Most Underprivileged Children In U.S.

first_imgFacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享August marks Child Support Awareness Month and children in-need are experiencing even more risk than usual due to COVID-19. A report has designated Alaska as one of the lowest-ranking states in a list of states with the most underprivileged children. The U.S. has the seventh highest rate of child poverty — over 29 percent — among economically developed countries. And according to the Children’s Defense Fund, a child is abused or neglected every 47 seconds and the total costs of maltreatment per year reach $80.3 billion. Some states are more successful than others at addressing the problems of underprivileged children. To determine where children are most disadvantaged, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 27 key indicators of neediness. Alaska ranked unfavorably in many categories, including:14th – % of Maltreated Children20th – Child Food-Insecurity Rate2nd – % of Uninsured Children24th – Infant Mortality Rate1st – % of Children in Foster Care1st – Child & Youth Homeless Ratelast_img read more

Kuznetsov to make his Capitals debut tonight

first_imgEvgeny Kuznetsov is expected to make his Washington Capitals debut tonight, as announced by the Capitals twitter account.  Kuznetsov was drafted way back in 2010 and finally signed a deal with the Caps last week, that story can be found here.I am not sure what line the Caps will put Kuznetsov for tonight’s game against the Pittsburgh Penguins but if I were to guess it would be the third or fourth line.  Right now it looks like Kuznetsov will be on the Caps fourth line.  The Caps plan on easing Kuznetsov into NHL action.  No doubt Kuznetsov has the talent to become a top six forward.Here is the tweet from the Capitals about Kuznetsov playing tonight. Please follow and like us:last_img read more