The new medical website should be how to do site optimization in Shanghai Dragon

first time that protect a network though for several years, but the medical time and soon, only more than a year of appearance, but also has its own set of website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization method, the following point is only a personal view, just to explain from the direction of optimization, welcome medical industry friends criticism.

any medical network team, whether it is planning or production department, whether program or art, all of them have some skills, so the medical station of the whole program, template design, art sense and still don’t need to worry too. The optimization of personnel in this regard (basically is in charge of the task) just imagine a framework to allow them to go to the finish line. read more

To bring the gospel of the webmaster double chain tools upgrade on-line

two, rejected outside the chain of tools new upgraded version of the line

anomalyWhat is called

(1), the chain page analysis

2 upgrade, outside the chain of tools update what content

rejected outside the chain of tools is if you find the number of links pointing to your site, such as the low quality of false spam links is considerable, and may have a negative impact on the site, and is difficult to pass through the other way to delete spam links, can be used to delete the chain tool.

1, grab the abnormal read more

The novice webmaster in website optimization psychology

may have been for a long time, so long that you have forgotten, how did you get through it.

you are updated every day, every day you are in optimization, you every day in the bitter forced post raise trumpet, every day you insist on the chain, every day you refresh your website ceaselessly, refresh Shanghai, Google love… Because of you because of your firm and indomitable, unremittingly, because of you stick to, because of your bitter spirit, you finally moved to love Shanghai, Google, your website start > read more

The method of machinery and equipment industry to develop web site keywords layout


3. the degree of competition is lower and the index is also very low key words we call a super long term, this type of keywords competition degree is very low, it is often overlooked, so very easy to optimization, super long tail word also called transactional keywords.

2. degree of competition and the general index is generally called the long tail keywords, the keywords competition degree is low, the optimization of long tail keywords easily, also known as information type keywords. read more

What do the place can prevent the site is down right

web site to start considering making a website is down right, factors which involves several aspects, the following we briefly analyze:

four, the website chain love Shanghai recently on the site outside the chain to do some adjustment, foreign chain to more stringent requirements, Google will not say, always requirements are very strict. So what kind of chain is the chain quality is not high? 1, the existence of a large number of the chain repeat the same site, do the chain to do wide net, not a single point or a few places to do; 2, the chain related degree is not high, the chain in addition to the wide area, also called correlation, the chain is related to the theme of your site, so that it is outside the chain of high quality. read more

The method of comparative analysis of internal site search function

the first choice, love Shanghai custom search function. Love Shanghai in order to effectively promote the development of webmaster, and achieve a win-win situation, this love Shanghai provides rich webmaster tools, including love Shanghai custom search is a very useful search module for the webmaster friends, only need to be introduced, do not need to develop two times to achieve the search easy the. But this method also has some defects, because it has no customization features, so there are still some defects in the depth of integration. read more

Web site operators need to practice the three skills a lot of people are maintained in the first lay

I once saw a professional website operation of friends, very young, many of the Internet business, familiar with. Results more than half a year, there is no result. "The boss asked me to learn some of the enterprise business, what does this have to do with me!" the young operators complained. In fact, in this one, the young people do not too good, at least, most of the time and the real situation of enterprise exaggeration, big difference. This website operation thinking, and the reality, like the ancient General Zhao army including the loss of four hundred thousand, "empty talk and lack of combat experience, read more

Some ideas about GG advertising, lecturesWant to do Wangzhuan earning million the six points must h

5. uses iframe to get high priced keywords to display

  reference: learn from the information on the donew: shlf1314 shlf1314 Shiva Seattle R & D center director said in an interview with sina today, shlf1314 Adsense through the system automatically determine invalid clicks, once found invalid clicks, the system will automatically reduce the net station advertising click price. This is undoubtedly
we use GG advertising owners a severe blow to
shlf1314 is is always smarter than you always a lot smarter than you

but       what is the current situation of

read more

Taobao store 97% fodder die TOP10 look at the electricity suppliers it really so easy to make money

or a whole closed doors inventory, or follow a big plagiarism inventory, like the garment industry is behind us, European and American popular magazines or big then, the market seems to use the same designer. This kind of thinking is in development before sell goods, no overall planning, in the market after no matter how sales. Originally wholesale is a hammer deal, agents take the goods back, you sell not sell?.

When using the

in January this year, Zheng Wei and 3 friends partnership create cultural sites, in order to increase the site’s cultural atmosphere, Zheng Wei and fellow division to provide special knowledge, such as calligraphy and painting, Zheng Wei had ever visited the city a number of old paintings, think he to ask Chongqing calligraphy and painting style, people now enjoy the taste, etc. to do a good job of cultural sites, the webmaster for all aspects of the culture has some knowledge of one or two. In addition, Zheng Wei also specially from home out of Dadukou, returned to live in Shapingba, so that they can go deep into the Shapingba cultural atmosphere, the web site is more netizens appetite. read more

Where guests Union launched friends invited to sign up League to win bonusesWangzhuan experience com

With my

two, Wangzhuan file

rent 100 megabytes of space on the Internet, create a web page like this one, and then advertise your website via mail, forums, and mass mailing software. I’m sure you’ll be successful soon. One of the links listed in this site, you can click to see. Rent the space can be pure HTML, product description says that the script language and database support, practical support you can see the station left the left. Welcome, is the scripting language, free to send two level domain name, his price is 280 yuan, if you are the master under the line station can you contact, bargain, and send you the website Raiders on , to help you create your own love ". The master is using the space for the system of "production has a certain experience, if you have the required content ready, stationmaster guarantee you finished in half a day, you can even take the web content through the webmaster to copy and paste, and establish the same website webmaster in an hour which need to yo. Of course, you don’t want to use this space, you can search other websites on the Internet, now online rental space, very much, you can click here, then, in the box, enter the "virtual host", click on the shlf1314 search, can be found in many websites, pick a register can satisfy you > read more