We must know why website will continue to drain the user

The development of

, with the increase of Internet users and web traffic increases as the premise, to now, to make a website is not a very difficult thing, do not even know any programs, spend hundreds of dollars can have their own website. It is because of the Internet all kinds of site of innumerable, in order to attract more traffic, many sites have taken some sacrifice the user experience, and forced to enhance the flow of hooliganism. But I do not know such a rogue means, in a short period of time can really gather a certain amount of traffic, but in the long run, such a means will only continue to drain customers, and finally reduced to no one cares about the garbage. read more

Stationmaster when doing a website to decide, must begin from oneself actual situation

                what is the initial work of the site? I believe many webmaster will answer the application domain name. Yes, you have to have a domain name first. But now apply for space, the first will send you a two level domain name. Do standing is a need to long-term adherence to the matter, there are many novice webmaster and not insist on and leave half way, so hurry to apply for domain name, may be so wasted. Whether the application domain name or site of knowledge or learning, determine the theme of the site or the later website promotion or should be established on the premise of good website positioning, only do the positioning of the website, the website can work everything in good order and well arranged one to implement step by step. read more

SEDUCTON – user – enhances user stickiness

remember and love unforgettable dating situation? Before going out to spend time dress makes them look more attractive when they meet; make all kinds of interesting behaviors to communicate with each other: laugh at each other send a beautiful smile when appropriate, ask questions to sell adorable, "accidentally" to rub each other’s hands. The signals say, "I feel good about you. Stay with me. You’ll be happy." then, what about our designs,


how to lure users, so that your design more attractive to users, but also need some means, let’s discuss it together. read more

Self review of website content construction

open "as in the past", see the webmaster statistics which keyword search in the network was found to have diabetes diabetes, what are the clinical type keywords in the GG we are ranked first, "clinical diabetes type" we also ranked in the seventh, the first feeling is very happy, but then a glance access list, found by the keywords in the user, and did not stay long gone, that is not the content and he doesn’t want to do right now?

, open that article and see, oh, my, God, and this is the head of the horse, not the horse mouth, I can not understand myself, let alone others. (although our website has its own physicians and teams, only part of it is original and some others have to pick up read more

Webmaster sentiment in fact, do a web site with a child

1. love, the passion of the product, the crystallization of emotion – VS – purely personal interests, passion, and for the purpose of the station.

After "

a beautiful accident children" was born, the owners will build a website as their own personal interests, or to a network with eight pole could not beat the hobby of sun on the network, in order to find the work much like drawn to like "lovers, began his journey to station. The purpose of these sites, the network technology enthusiasts due to their relatively "rich", "children" dressed "beautifully dressed", "a riot of colours", a variety of special effects everywhere, all kinds of new, strange and tools should emerge in an endless stream. And those to a hobby for one third of an acre in the network owners, their "children" is "simple" much. Simple, clear, and even pure static HTML, CSS, div is too luxurious for them. But anyway, the station is still built. read more

Pancake God fun micro marketing

He Chang, third entrepreneurs, only accounted for less than 20 square meters, 13 people’s seat pancake shop sold to the annual revenue of 5 million of the water, and the valuation has reached 40 million. The design before May 2012 after Baidu, where to go, Google, into today’s "most cattle pancake" founder.

small pancake shop from the opening so far only more than a year, did not spend a penny manufacturing gimmick, no excessive price advertising, but there are a large number of fans fans; a vow to create a superior to the traditional snack delicacy KFC and McDonald’s, which is determined to listed small pancake shop, how what can be done in this arena sinister blaze their own way? read more

Medical web editor writing requirements

our ultimate goal is the patient’s arrival, and if the patient is to be diagnosed on condition that the patient is consulted and registered online, we can only do what we need to leave the article for readers to click on the online consultation. How do you stay? What you read is the readability of the content and the needs of the patients. And for patients to come in and read this article, the point is the title and description (paragraph 1), is it attractive?.

1, Title:

is divided into two categories. One is the keyword that conforms to people’s search habits, and the other is novel and interesting keywords. read more

Enterprises how to do a good job in the crisis layoffs, pay cuts

how to cut people, cut off what kind of person, in reducing wages, how can also boost morale is a great learning.

enterprises how to do a good job in the crisis layoffs, pay cut

the last outbreak of the financial crisis to the domestic enterprises really feel the "winter" of the cold, feel insecure in this period, many enterprises take layoffs and other ways to spend the winter.

because of the relationship between the work, the author and the two IT services enterprises have in-depth contact, A enterprise is to serve large manufacturing enterprises IT service enterprise, B enterprise’s main customer is the energy industry. Compared with the manufacturing industry and trade industry, IT services industry is less affected by the financial crisis. The two companies have yet to show a noticeable downward trend in their business, but the two firms have taken some measures to cope with the risks of the financial crisis. read more

A brief analysis of the classification skills of local community columns in two or three tier cities

for the individual owners, the two or three lines of local community website or have the opportunity to develop, although related to the target groups relative to first-tier cities is less, but also tend to have one hundred thousand users to be exploited, if successful, the annual profit is considerable. But I found that now operate community website to be successful and not many, many owners operating in the local community, began operations suffered a bottleneck, but also can not break through the method, the author in the study of these difficulties in the local community, have found the same problem, the the local community is the classification of the column is too small to read more

A failed station for several years to do experience

            I also often go on ADMIN5.; today I can not help myself at last; I also write my own course of doing the station,.

            the first station from the beginning of 2003, the Luhe Railway Station, then Liuhe is the fire, watching some of the Luhe Railway Station a poster are price of 700 yuan / month, a month income of nearly million, he is jealous. Got a foreign station, when I started college, aspiring to want to make a success of the Liuhe forum to engage in income, failed,   personal summary is too much competition, and it is difficult to make its own characteristics, so the station to died shortly. read more

99 car online two months profit eight thousand

99 car network since March 25th 09 line up to now, there are more than two months, and on-line one and a half months began to do the market. 99, the car network positioning is to car dealers and car related industries advertising, so the real estate network or as a media to do. Because the site rankings, traffic and other aspects are now relatively good, the site recommended to dealers when they get their approval. In the process of developing the market in the past half month, two dealers have signed the contract with the 99 car net. Although the amount is not large, it is also a good beginning. read more

Method for improving the flow of new station

see a lot of experts write short time IP to tens of thousands of posts, if not cheating, accumulation of keywords is very difficult.

I recently read some posts, with some of their own experience, the station in three days time from 100IP to 1000IP, but it is not very difficult, because I was a lazy man, now put my experience to share out, master not to see below, IP below 500 to see below.

1, first of all, my station has been included in the Baidu

believe that the friends who have stood are included, this is very simple, just to collect more and less, ranking problems. read more

gnore the user experience, your website can only wait to die

is now more and more individual stationmaster, everyone wants to create their own exclusive area this mu of land on the internet. But the picture is very beautiful, the reality is very skinny. How many people have fallen in this station, grew up in the army, every day are worried about why the traffic does not go, the rankings do not go. Why is this so? The main reason is that the webmaster has to develop the chain, enrich the content of the website, but ignore the website most urgent need to change the problem: good user experience. read more

How to contact Ali mom online cloud customer service

guest friends will encounter a series of problems, whether many irregularities or other methods, there is an artificial cloud online customer service, can save a lot of time, at the same time, also can better help the guest to understand the problem, solve problems.

Relative to other

alliance, Taobao alliance can have the advantage of online customer service, as well as other CPS alliance does not have, however, recently, Taobao passenger exchange group many of my friends have found Taobao alliance online customer service people seem to be missing. read more

Gloomy! Five websites for four months, two for K


website is also fast four months, the first site from the beginning of January 8th, this is my blog, then use the web566.cn domain name, a few days ago has been K, the reason is the frequent change with the title, in K the day before just changed the title later then! And do a few sites, site positioning is very special, some online rarely, one of which is http://s.weisuocom.cn (as the word network), a new word is insignificant, this is because the word is very popular in our class and get the idea, and often in mop.com can hear the words that make this wretched, a network, the content from the little joke, PS spoof, gossip and entertainment content, now in the Baidu search site is also my wretched row on the first page, the fifth position, it’s not too with the new flow. There are five hundred or six hundred, too. read more

Do stand a few months, talk about new sites, Baidu included and snapshot update

                I have stood up to 4 months, although we still is compared to a lot of old dishes, but in this period of time on the site is also a certain study! In these months, from exploration to practice success, I also successfully done several thousands to tens of thousands of traffic station, recently studied new station Baidu snapshot problem, a little understanding, here to share with you!

            generally speaking a new station to speed is found recorded is indeed need a little but the most practical method is to choose a high weight every day snapshot of the site to do a one-way link, this method I have successfully let oneself more railway station are included in the next day. If you do not have a high weight, every day snapshot of the site, not to go to some of the larger forums, send links posted. Although this collection is slightly slower than the former, it’s much better to do nothing. read more

How to improve the website traffic

what is website traffic?.

is usually said site traffic (traffic) refers to the site visits, the number of pages is used to describe the index to access a web site as the number of users and user browsing, commonly used statistical indicators including the number of users, independent website the total number of users (including repeat visitors), the number of page views, each user’s browsing the number of users, the average residence time in the site etc.. What are the main statistical indicators of access traffic?. The flow is also a determinant factor of the value of the site, if a site no flow is equal to no one, then this website also has what the meaning of it, to individuals or enterprises how to increase website traffic is after the completion of the construction should be to do. read more

2015, China’s latest development of micro business circle of friends, whether the electricity suppli

The recent development of

China derivative is very popular, there are many disputes, change very quickly, one of the people from the media value for people to sort out front-line combat (frontline combat people don’t have time to the whole industry), especially in the traditional industry, comb can better guide the practice of their specific work.

micro business to what extent, it can be seen from the Baidu index, search for relevant keywords now micro business people, already is about 10 times the Taobao search listings and other relevant keywords, the objective data reflects the derivative is more (the degree of concern has exceeded Taobao), after all a lot of people will be derivative as a China e-commerce in the future and straw; read more

Experience of website operation

1. locate the content of the site.

just like doing business, no goal is not good, life should have a position, to do what kind of person, what kind of life, what kind of car open.

first of all, my eight special community has a clear positioning, to do the best web site, to do the longest site, dedicated to the vast numbers of Internet users to provide services.

what’s the management of


: for example, you’re going to marry a rich man. You have to know where the rich people, why should they love you, why did you marry? Where rich people? How do they know, too, you know what you want most website! Provide products and others have what distinction, whether can fast the ~ ~ ~ read more

How do novices earn money in English

is also a CPC click on the ads, a English station ad Click price may be Chinese dozens of times, even hundreds of times a day, so do thousands of IP English station is put Adsense advertising, a monthly income of thousands of dollars is easy, but if it is only Chinese station, earn less CPA is the same; guide advertising, a Chinese CPA price is about 5 yuan, and a CPA of the developed countries to guide advertising is $~15 $5, the price of

a world of difference!

so, personal webmaster or do English station has a way out, but as a novice you may English is very poor, and do not know how to do, this article do share some English station network experience may enlighten you: read more