Solar trees – new tourist infrastructure in NP Krka

first_imgToday, the public institution “Krka National Park” presented a new project that contributes to the protection of nature and the environment: solar trees – SunInside.In cooperation with the Šibenik company Upgrade energy jdoo, three solar trees were installed at three locations: in the branch office of the Public Institution “NP Krka” in Skradin, on the meadow at Skradinski buk and at the entrance to Lozovac. “Our visitors, like all modern tourists, use mobile devices to take photos, inform, navigate the space and share content. It often happens that the batteries of the mobile phone are discharged, which is an obstacle to the complete ‘capture’ of the experience from the Park. By installing solar trees, we provide an additional service to visitors to the Park – we educate them about the possibilities of practical and efficient use of energy obtained from renewable sources. We are glad that the product is fully designed and manufactured in the Šibenik area, thus contributing to the development of domestic innovative technology, “Said the director of JU” NP Krka “mr. sc. Krešimir Šakić.Solar tree SunInside it is an innovative, attractive and functional ecological product of urban equipment that converts solar energy into electricity. Furthermore, it allows charging of mobile devices, a place to rest and a reception for bicycles.The product is completely energy independent, and was developed, designed and manufactured in Šibenik. Designer Antonio Šunjerga, one of the members of the Energy Upgrade team, described his product with the words: “SunInside is a solar tree of innovative design, it is modular and adaptable, easy to install in nature and urban environments. PThe product consists of a central tree (console) with a canopy of solar panels and mobile device chargers (IOS, Android and USB ports), and also contains a rest bench and bicycle stands. It can also contain WiFi Hotspot, information and advertising areas, additional lighting, waste bin, website or a security camera, weather station and other elements. This innovative product turns urban equipment into a gathering point – a place of information, communication, entertainment and content sharing. It is ideal for use in tourism because modern tourists are constantly using mobile devices, and are constantly looking for a place where they can charge the device and connect to the Internet. ”By installing solar trees, the Krka National Park promotes renewable energy sources, encourages sustainable development and contributes to strengthening the local economy.last_img

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