first_img…can run but it can’t hideNow that President Granger’s back and has announced he’s back in the saddle, what does that say of Moses Nagamootoo’s whining that the PPP was “taking advantage”. Your Eyewitness was always optimistic about the President’s prognosis since the latter is a fella who’s meticulous about his health.It’s clear the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma was caught early because of his vigilance. Nagamootoo will definitely have to step DOWN in 2020 after his performance (more like “non-performance!) in the Whim LGE!! The LGE proved conclusively that the “dead meat” AFC is like that dead albatross the Ancient Mariner was forced to carry around on his neck! And the PNC must be crying pitifully, “votes, votes; votes everywhere – but not a vote for us”!!But it wasn’t just the miserable turnout in their core constituency that has rattled the PNC – it’s the masterful use of the political space by the PPP in general – and Jagdeo in particular – that has them running around like chickens without heads! Like a veteran heavyweight boxer, the PPP pursued the PNC and AFC in every constituency and showed them – notwithstanding their tag team tactic – they were cornered! The first body blow that doubled up the two erstwhile “coalition” partners was the LGE result.The filing of the no-confidence motion was the uppercut that would’ve knocked them out clean!! So with the political graveyard staring them in the face, the PNC and the AFC have gone into each other’s arms again and are desperately seeking to avoid the inevitable. But as the great Joe Louis once told the challenger Billy Conn, “You can run but you can’t hide”!! The boxing ring, after all, is a finite, enclosed space!And so’s the workings of the no-confidence motion through the labyrinthine parliamentary system!! In the normal course of things, the motion would have been placed on the Notice Paper and approved by the Speaker to go on the Order Paper within 12 days for debate “at the earliest possible occasion”. That’s what happened when the same Nagamootoo brought his no-confidence motion against the PPP with AFC’s Trotman as Speaker and the APNU/AFC having a one-seat advantage.Today, they’re in Government – with the same one-seat majority – and yet they’re trying every which way not to have the motion come on the floor for debate!! The Budget Debate before the vote will just earn the PNC another month or so in Government.They can run…but they can’t hide!!…and no Basil in sight??Was a time when AG Basil Williams, SC, was like his namesake herb – showing up anywhere, something was cooking! In his case, it was in things political. But oh, how low has the mighty fallen since he lost the race for the chair of the PNC to Volda Lawrence! With the President out on sick leave and the rest of the “big ones” – your Eyewitness is being kind to the AFC types! – huddling late at night in homes and at Congress Place press conferences, Basil Williams was nowhere to be seen!!Has he thrown in the towel after the first knockdown? Or is it the knockdown was by a “girl”!! C’mon Williams, man up and show some spunk? Political fights are always fifteen-round affairs…and your defeat was just round one!! Look how Greenidge has come back from Siberia (or was it Amazonia?!) and is in the thick of things!! Even giving assurances that the AFC will be going to the 2020 polls with the PNC!!And you KNOW that ain’t so!!…and “motherland”PNC Minister Annette Ferguson told the international Fly Meet that Guyanese want to connect with the “motherland” Africa, by air.Didn’t our Indigenous People’s come from Asia? Are they supposed to walk back over the Bering Strait?last_img

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