Questionable appointments by Minister of Communities

first_imgDear Editor,The A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government appointed a number of questionable persons to be Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) chairpersons and deputy chairpersons in Region Five.A government that campaigned on corruption and democracy has lost its voice on corruption. After the recently-held Local Government Elections, two NDCs in Region Five were tied in terms of seats won. The Minister of Communities in his undemocratic style appointed two questionable persons as chairperson and deputy chairperson.The chairperson that was appointed at Bel Air/Woodlands NDC by the Minister of Communities was a former overseer of the said NDC. There was a high level of dishonesty during that period the person served as overseer of the said NDC.There were two receipt books at the NDC: One was the NDC book and the other one was the former overseer’s personal receipt book. Rates and taxes collected from residents used to be written in the former overseer’s personal receipt book. Many residents who paid their taxes during that period, their information could not have been entered in the assignment register of the NDC.The then Ministry of Local Government and the Auditor General carried out an audit of the NDC, and the former overseer was found culpable.The former overseer was dismissed by the then Ministry of Local Government.The matter was taken to the courts. Presently, the financial statement of Bel Air/Woodlands NDC can be balanced, because of corrupted translations carried out by the former overseer.It is a shame of the APNU/AFC Government to appoint that said individual to that NDC.The second undemocratic appointment made by the Minister of Communities was to appoint a former employee of the Guyana Post Office. This person was appointed as deputy chairperson of the Woodlands/Farm NDC.This person was dismissed by the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) for fraud at the Mahaicony Post Office: it was discovered a few years ago that millions in pension monies went missing at the Mahaicony Post Office.As soon as the APNU/AFC Government took office, the person was employed as a cook at the Mahaicony Hospital and now appointed deputy chairperson of Woodlands/Farm NDC by the Minister of Communities.This kind of behaviour of the Government is making society lose confidence in the decisions that are being made. I want to urge the Minster of Communities to rethink these decisions.Regards,Concerned residentlast_img

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